Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Weekly Update 1/18/14

 This week was full of crafting and TV watching.
Yes, I watch and/or listen to TV when I craft.
This weeks new program is Hart of Dixie.  
I have been watching it on NetFlix.  So, it is pretty much all old episodes...but they are new to me... and they crack me up!!!   They are very Gilmore Girls like... which I adore!

Well, I didn't get any of the Painted Roses squares done this week.  However, I did complete an embroidery order for a yellow daffodil handkerchief.   I decided I need to create some new embroidery designs for my handkerchiefs.

 I also tried my hand at doing crochet edges on a cut piece of hankie fabric.  I used a rotary wheel that cut holes in the fabric with even spaces.  I am still working out the kinks in that one.

 Here is a picture of my completed hankie.  
I am considering adding a crochet edging to the hankie to make it more feminine.

I did ad a few more rows to my poncho.  Finding more mistakes in it too.  
No pictures to post on that one. 

I have signed myself up for sock knitting class.  I really hope I take to it easily.  I am using 4 knitting needles.  So, this should be fun.  Any advice would we lovely!

I decided not to continue with the CAL.  Simply because I have this sock class coming up and with all my other projects... I just don't have the time for it.  I will however, keep printing off the block instructions.  I may decide one day to make the afghan anyway.

Next weeks goals,  make 4 painted rose squares!

Have a great week!!!


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