Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Weekly Update 1/18/14

 This week was full of crafting and TV watching.
Yes, I watch and/or listen to TV when I craft.
This weeks new program is Hart of Dixie.  
I have been watching it on NetFlix.  So, it is pretty much all old episodes...but they are new to me... and they crack me up!!!   They are very Gilmore Girls like... which I adore!

Well, I didn't get any of the Painted Roses squares done this week.  However, I did complete an embroidery order for a yellow daffodil handkerchief.   I decided I need to create some new embroidery designs for my handkerchiefs.

 I also tried my hand at doing crochet edges on a cut piece of hankie fabric.  I used a rotary wheel that cut holes in the fabric with even spaces.  I am still working out the kinks in that one.

 Here is a picture of my completed hankie.  
I am considering adding a crochet edging to the hankie to make it more feminine.

I did ad a few more rows to my poncho.  Finding more mistakes in it too.  
No pictures to post on that one. 

I have signed myself up for sock knitting class.  I really hope I take to it easily.  I am using 4 knitting needles.  So, this should be fun.  Any advice would we lovely!

I decided not to continue with the CAL.  Simply because I have this sock class coming up and with all my other projects... I just don't have the time for it.  I will however, keep printing off the block instructions.  I may decide one day to make the afghan anyway.

Next weeks goals,  make 4 painted rose squares!

Have a great week!!!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday 1/11/14 Weekly Diary

Another week gone by so super fast!   

Well, here is my next 2 painted rose crochet blocks.   They are really becoming super easy to do, every time I make one.  Just love those cheery colors.  Hoping to make more in number this week.


  I have completed another 3 rows, on my poncho.  I found a mistake from almost the beginning but, I refuse to "frog it".  So, I will try to fix it.  I will post a picture of the mistake when I get further along and show how I fixed it.

Here are my dish cloths/wash cloths.  I tried to make 3 sets but, only have enough for 2 sets of 3.  I plan to post them in my Etsy shop some time this week.  They are pink, oatmeal and pink camouflage colors.  I LOVE using these to wash dishes.  They are soft enough not to leave scratches but, sturdy enough for scrubbing pots.  They are washable and durable.  You just can't go wrong with these.

This wonderful book was a birthday gift from my hubby.  Can't even get started on anything in it yet.  I really need to complete my other 2 projects AND get started on my CAL... which I haven't done :{
I haven't even picked out my yarn for... yikes!

So last week I got this lovely catalog in the mail!
  Willow Yarns    I just have to say.... OH MY!
Love it!!!

Now, I love to crochet with Deborah Norville crochet hooks.
I looked for a complete set EVERYWHERE and after I purchased them
Guess what???  
I find them here, in this catalog.  
Where... oh where... were you, when I was looking for you???   
By the way,  these are wonderful wooden hooks.

And I found some wonderful yarn!

This is acrylic yarn.  Look at all those colors!
Sorry, I had to take the picture sideways to get all the colors in.  So pretty!
Price is good too.  I know where I will get my yarn from for my next acrylic project... Hmm, maybe for my CAL?!?!

Over all, I had a pretty productive week...for me anyway.
I had to stop my crochet projects for a special hand embroidery order.  
It was a design that I just adore.

See... Super pretty...right?

Well,  I am ready for another week.  
Praying yours was lovely and your upcoming week is just as lovely.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday 1/4/14 Weekly Diary...

Here it is 10pm and I am just now finally starting to write this out.   
I have decided that since no one really reads this blog, (partly because I don't post regular like)  I will use it as a weekly crafts log and just general reminder for me.

To recap from my August posting....

Yes, I started on that shawl and finished it.  But I don't have a picture for it.  
By the way, SUPER EASY to crochet.  I recommend it, if you are a newbie crocheter.

As for my Christmas gifts,  I did make those slippers for my nieces... and NO ONE else.  I got to the point where I didn't want to see them again.  LOL!  Mental note... do not try to make slippers again.

I didn't make anything crafty like, except for the robes I made for my niece and nephew in Arkansas.
Oh wait, I did make 2 cowl type scarfs... one for my sister and the other for my children's education coordinator.  We home school through a charter school and they require us to have some one over see our schooling.  But that will change next year.

I am working on some dishcloth/washcloths to list in my Etsy shop.

(just in case anyone does read this and wants to go there here is the link...

Ok... now on to my next projects....hahaha!

I purchased this book... Rustic Modern Crochet because I LOVED that poncho on the cover.   Oh and there are some really pretty other items I want to make in there too!!!

Yep, I started it on January 1st.  I am hoping to get it done by the end of this month.  We will see.

Yes, I am using the same purple yarn that I used for the shawl.  I know...I know... but I bought way too much of it last year and I just want to use it up.   A N D... it also was the right weight for the poncho.  If I like how this turns out.  I will invest in more yarn in that lovely brown color that it is actually made out of on the cover of the book.

I am starting the afghan CAL (crochet~a~long) on the Moogly site.  Great site!!!
I am hoping to get together with some locals who are doing the afghan too!
I will post about how that is coming a long too.

I have also started on another project called "Painted Roses Blanket".  
I bought the pattern from Sandra Paul.  
She has a wonderful blog called "Cherry Heart".
Just LOVE it!!!  I have made 2... count them...2 of the squares for this blanket!! Yay!
So good.

Here is the first one.  It wasn't done exactly right.  But I did get it right on the next one.
I just love those colors!  So bright and happy.  Which is what I am needing right now. 
Bright !
Happy !
 (insert big happy grin)

Well, that is it for this week.  My other goal is to post every Sunday Evening.  I think... that is a good goal since, I am unable to do it every day or every other day or every... oh you get my meaning.