Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday 1/4/14 Weekly Diary...

Here it is 10pm and I am just now finally starting to write this out.   
I have decided that since no one really reads this blog, (partly because I don't post regular like)  I will use it as a weekly crafts log and just general reminder for me.

To recap from my August posting....

Yes, I started on that shawl and finished it.  But I don't have a picture for it.  
By the way, SUPER EASY to crochet.  I recommend it, if you are a newbie crocheter.

As for my Christmas gifts,  I did make those slippers for my nieces... and NO ONE else.  I got to the point where I didn't want to see them again.  LOL!  Mental note... do not try to make slippers again.

I didn't make anything crafty like, except for the robes I made for my niece and nephew in Arkansas.
Oh wait, I did make 2 cowl type scarfs... one for my sister and the other for my children's education coordinator.  We home school through a charter school and they require us to have some one over see our schooling.  But that will change next year.

I am working on some dishcloth/washcloths to list in my Etsy shop.

(just in case anyone does read this and wants to go there here is the link...

Ok... now on to my next projects....hahaha!

I purchased this book... Rustic Modern Crochet because I LOVED that poncho on the cover.   Oh and there are some really pretty other items I want to make in there too!!!

Yep, I started it on January 1st.  I am hoping to get it done by the end of this month.  We will see.

Yes, I am using the same purple yarn that I used for the shawl.  I know...I know... but I bought way too much of it last year and I just want to use it up.   A N D... it also was the right weight for the poncho.  If I like how this turns out.  I will invest in more yarn in that lovely brown color that it is actually made out of on the cover of the book.

I am starting the afghan CAL (crochet~a~long) on the Moogly site.  Great site!!!
I am hoping to get together with some locals who are doing the afghan too!
I will post about how that is coming a long too.

I have also started on another project called "Painted Roses Blanket".  
I bought the pattern from Sandra Paul.  
She has a wonderful blog called "Cherry Heart".
Just LOVE it!!!  I have made 2... count them...2 of the squares for this blanket!! Yay!
So good.

Here is the first one.  It wasn't done exactly right.  But I did get it right on the next one.
I just love those colors!  So bright and happy.  Which is what I am needing right now. 
Bright !
Happy !
 (insert big happy grin)

Well, that is it for this week.  My other goal is to post every Sunday Evening.  I think... that is a good goal since, I am unable to do it every day or every other day or every... oh you get my meaning.


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