Sunday, November 13, 2016

Today’s musings

As the weather gets colder, I am reminded of a simpler time in my life.  A time when my kids were smaller and I didn’t work outside the home.  
Life was simple. 
I loved it. ❤️

I remember thinking... how would I look back on that time.
I’ll be honest... I wasn’t fond of it at the time.
But, now I am.
I wish I could have taken more time to savor it.
Savor the still and simplisity of it.

This fall season....
I am going to savor it.
I am going slow down and enjoy the season.
Make apple and pumpkin pies.
Drink my cappuccino or my decaf coffee 😆
And just experience it.

Maybe even craft a little.

Thanks for lending your ear....
Have a wonderful autumn 🍂 


It has been a really long time....

Hello my friends... it has been a really long time since I have posted anything.  I couldn't even remember how to long into this blog account... lol

So here is a recap of my last year or so.

A very beloved Uncle died and I just didn't have the stamina to write blog postings.

Then, I got myself a JOB.
Yep, a real job selling shoes retail at a Brick and Mortar shop.
If you are interested,  here is the link to Me & My Feet
This is where I fell in LOVE with Earth shoes!!

Earth Orchard - Taupe

These are my FAVORITE BOOTS!!!

 So we don't have Chickens anymore.  But we plan to get some.

I finally (we rather) took the kids to Disneyland.
They have a wonderful time.

Because of my job, I was able to do so much more.
I don't work for the shoe shop anymore...well, off and on sometimes when I am needed.
But, I do miss it.

I do some other work now.  That is for another post.

I just wanted to post something and keep a digital log, if you will, for myself.

I haven't done my embroidery in so long.  Just going back and looking at the pictures, makes me want to start again.  My shop has been closed for some time now.

I should open it back up.
hmm.. maybe...we will see.

please comment and let me know if I should.

Blessings to you...