Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday 1/11/14 Weekly Diary

Another week gone by so super fast!   

Well, here is my next 2 painted rose crochet blocks.   They are really becoming super easy to do, every time I make one.  Just love those cheery colors.  Hoping to make more in number this week.


  I have completed another 3 rows, on my poncho.  I found a mistake from almost the beginning but, I refuse to "frog it".  So, I will try to fix it.  I will post a picture of the mistake when I get further along and show how I fixed it.

Here are my dish cloths/wash cloths.  I tried to make 3 sets but, only have enough for 2 sets of 3.  I plan to post them in my Etsy shop some time this week.  They are pink, oatmeal and pink camouflage colors.  I LOVE using these to wash dishes.  They are soft enough not to leave scratches but, sturdy enough for scrubbing pots.  They are washable and durable.  You just can't go wrong with these.

This wonderful book was a birthday gift from my hubby.  Can't even get started on anything in it yet.  I really need to complete my other 2 projects AND get started on my CAL... which I haven't done :{
I haven't even picked out my yarn for... yikes!

So last week I got this lovely catalog in the mail!
  Willow Yarns    I just have to say.... OH MY!
Love it!!!

Now, I love to crochet with Deborah Norville crochet hooks.
I looked for a complete set EVERYWHERE and after I purchased them
Guess what???  
I find them here, in this catalog.  
Where... oh where... were you, when I was looking for you???   
By the way,  these are wonderful wooden hooks.

And I found some wonderful yarn!

This is acrylic yarn.  Look at all those colors!
Sorry, I had to take the picture sideways to get all the colors in.  So pretty!
Price is good too.  I know where I will get my yarn from for my next acrylic project... Hmm, maybe for my CAL?!?!

Over all, I had a pretty productive week...for me anyway.
I had to stop my crochet projects for a special hand embroidery order.  
It was a design that I just adore.

See... Super pretty...right?

Well,  I am ready for another week.  
Praying yours was lovely and your upcoming week is just as lovely.


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